Worry less, travel more

London Fashion Week started yesterday in the most british way possible. There was so much rain and grey clouds swiveling around the city, it took me an hour to get out of bed and face the wettines. Not very successful, I may add, as I got stuck in traffic and instead of watching the Teatum Jones show I got to watch passersby getting soaked with my uber driver. Friendly bloke, he took me back home where I made myself a hot cup of chocolate and watched Arthur Christmas. Seemed appropriate.

All of this made me appreciate even more the time I got to spend under sunny skies. All the sun dresses and lace-up sandals I proudly pranced around not thinking for a second they’ll go right to storage once I get back to London. It also got me to think about past years when I’ve delayed so much planning a holiday or even a city break that in the end I stayed home. So my advice to those of you badly wanting to travel somewhere –  book the damn ticket and sort it out afterwards.


Wearing a gorgeous dress by Kaleidoscope (now on sale) and lace up sandals courtesy of Dorothy Perkins.