What to pack for a ten day holiday

As I’m writing this I’m sipping my third homemade cappuccino while snuggling in a blanket so cozy, I swore I’m gonna find a way to smuggle it back to London with me. Worst come to worst I’ll just have to wear it like a poncho and prance my way through airport security checks. I’m at my parents house in Romania, the last destination of my holiday here in which I got to discover and rediscover some of my favorite places in this country. The weather’s friendly, the food is not microwave cooked and seeing my boyfriend cracking jokes with my dad is all the entertainment I need.

When it came to packing for this holiday I pretty much went for basics and thrown in a couple of more fancy items to tie the otherwise too simple outfits together. I’ve practically been living in leather trousers and bomber jackets, more often than not worn with a simple white tee, black boots and this fancy white bag. For eating out I brought with me this chiffon shirt dress which has a lot of movement and wow factor to it but took up a very small space in my luggage. Thanks mom for ironing it!

A pair of skinny jeans, a white masculine shirt and a floral dress have completed the list of things I’ve been carrying with me for the last 10 days and funnily enough, for the first time in my life I packed only things that I actually got to wear. I find the feeling refreshing as I’ve never been one to pack lightly, no matter how much I love the concept.

With one more day to enjoy my parents garden and the quiet here I’ll leave you guys to it and come back with more updates from my holiday once I landed on british soil.


Wearing: Girls on Film shirt dress and bomber jacket, Zara trousers, Topshop boots and New Look bag.


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