What does it take for an outfit to become an uniform?

Every once in awhile I put together an outfit that will later receive the proud and rather understated title of ‘uniform’. It usually begins in a moment of panic when I have only a few minutes to put together a look. Funny enough, it’s never the carefully planned outfits that get to be worn again and again but the ones that emerge from a pile of colorful mess fueled by a touch of anxiety and an impatient boyfriend telling me to hurry up.

Each of us chases different things when it comes to uniforms. Some want total comfort, others may search for a bit of drama. I want both and then some. Shoes have to be easy to walk in AND look stylish. Whether I go for trousers, a skirt or a dress – pockets are non-negotiable. My ‘add drama’ button consists in mixing contrasting cuts and fabrics: see-through silk and rigid looking wool are at the top of my list.

And because the word itself – uniform – translates into an outfit, or variations on it, that I’ll reach for times and times again it ultimately needs to be fail safe. There’s no room for little wardrobe malfunctions here.


Wearing Maysson see-through silk shirt, Topshop Unique wool vest, Designers Remix trousers and Rocket Dog Oxford shoes