Unruly Curls

For those of you who haven’t seen me in the first 30 minutes after waking up it may come as a surprise that my hair is completely straight. Poker straight. No-trace-of-a-curl-straight. Nada.

You see, it was only natural to become best friends with a curling iron and try all the lotions and potions that promised me, uhm, the moon. A.k.a bouncy curls that last up to (insert desired number) days.

The fact that I’ve had long hair since I was a child and now wear it curly or at least wavy 90% of the time makes any decision of cutting my hair an absolute nightmare. And, of course, having had my fair share of complete haircut disasters only adds to my fear of hairdressers.

I remember pacing around my house for an hour or so after receiving an email from Unruly Curls inviting me at their salon for a hair and makeup session. I could probably sign a mortgage contract a lot easier than answering a question like: How much should we cut?

Still undecided about what do to with my hair, I got to the salon and first met Tasha, an amazing woman and the picture of downtown cool, who did my makeup while chatting away about favorite beauty products, skincare routines and other #firstworldproblems.

Michael, her husband and the director of the salon also referred to as ‘this guy really knows curls’ came along and we started talking about the mighty chop.

By now you should know I’m kinda weird about my hair. More to that point, once I saw myself starring in the mirror with Michael casually investigating my locks (while being oblivious to the soul searching I was going through) I hear myself saying: let’s take a few inches and get rid of those layers. Gasp!

And so he did not before hearing me blab one more time about how important it is to have it look AMAZING both straight and curly.

In terms of styling I went for really tight, disco style kinda curls just because I was oh-so-curious to see how they’ll look. More pictures with the end result and an outfit I shot inside the salon, later this week. So, watch this space.

Also, I would love to hear about your hair experiences, the good and the bad, or any tips and tricks you wanna share so drop me a comment below and tell me all about it.

PS: Read my interview for them here.



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