Uncommon friends

One of my best friends – Cara – has recently turned 30. She is one of the most loving, caring, kind and optimistic people I know. In her free time she volunteers at a local charity to help raise money for cancer research. She loves nature, animals (has two cats) and doesn’t wear makeup on weekends.

I met her two years ago in a news shop in Soho. We instantly clicked so she invited me to her birthday party. Not knowing much about her I decided to get her a bag. It was a beautiful little number from Reiss, made from a soft nude leather with gold hardware. Lovely.

I could never forget the look she gave me when she opened the present. She said ‘thank you’ but looked like I just insulted her. I was furious. I mean, how can you not like such a cute little bag?!

Later that night I found out that Cara wasn’t wearing leather or fur. She was also recycling as much as she possibly could and always refused to be given plastic bags to carry her groceries. In many respects we were extremely different but somehow our friendship managed to flourish.

This year I wanted to give her something special, something she would truly like, something in alignment with her beliefs. I’m not a crafty person so creating a gift myself was out of the question. I took my quest online and from click to click I stumbled across a website filled with creative gifts ideas.

I was happy and relieved to be able to choose from so many gorgeous options but what truly did the trick for me was finding out that all the unique designs and handcrafted gifts were created in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people. I knew how much would Cara appreciate this. Also, some of the goods on the website can be customized, perfect for adding that extra touch.

I got Cara a robe made from upcycled cotton by a cooperative of artisans in a village outside of Rajasthan, India. She absolutely loved it. This is how I realized how important it is to forget about what you like when you’re buying gifts for your loved ones and focus on themselves only.

With that in mind I’m know browsing for a ‘thank you for making me coffee everyday’ gift for my boyfriend.


PS: Thank you, Cara, for letting me share our story with the world.