Spring love story

Breton stripes have always had a special place in my heart and wardrobe not only because they look young, fresh and effortlessly chic but also because they will forever remind me of early morning trips to the seaside.

I’ve worn my stripes in countless combinations but when it comes to transitional dressing I like to pair them with light colored pieces. It feels like embracing spring wholeheartedly. Also, neutral tones make the perfect backdrop for bold accessories – be it a color blocked bag, a vibrant printed scarf or a statement necklace – I like to artfully offset the look with a stronger shade or two. When it comes to shoes, anything comfy yet feminine will do. And there you have it: the beginning of a spring love story that’s only about to blossom even more.


Wearing Hush striped dress, COS jacket, Launer London bag and Zara flats. 


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