Meanwhile, on Instagram…

My darlings, if you’re not following me on Instagram (here’s your chance), then you’re missing out on things. As much as I would looove to share everything with you here, on the blog, a lot of the beautiful places, people, shoes and flowers I cross paths with don’t make the (blog) cut.

So, here’s what’s been happening.

Found a golden watch that’s not tacky. It’s actually a lot prettier than I imagined a golden watch could be. That’s because I’m very particular obsessed about my arm candy.

I hate window shopping but I sometimes do it. For like half an hour. Tops. Then I go grab a coffee and think about how much I hate window shopping. Yeah, don’t tell me.

These sandals. On heavy rotation.

A few day ago I was telling you about buying everything white. Turns out, while I was busy trying to handle this addiction of mine, stripes started creeping into my wardrobe. And I can’t kick them out. They’re too pretty!

This hat. Waaaay to many times now. Here’s proof:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5


I always loved roadtrips. And driving. Or being driven. So, roadtripping I did. And fell in love with this castle, this amazing building, this view and this kind of mornings.


It’s Friday so I’ll stop here with the writing and start with the packing. I advise you do the same.