How to stylishly layer a winter outfit

In case you didn’t get the memo, it’s December, people. Crisp sunny mornings, hot chocolate and endless conversations about Christmas decorations are now part of our everyday life.

As humans, we are not meant to hibernate during winter, although there are days when all we want to do is hide under a blanket. For the rest of the season when we have no other choice but to get up, get dressed and get stuff done we need snuggly layers stylishly put together. There are many ways to look chic and sophisticated during the cold season so let me warm up your hopes and give you another reason to love winter apart from Christmas and presents.

Truth be told, as much as I love winter, I despise being cold. So layering has become my favorite way to put together cozy, yet polished looks. To avoid looking like I’ve thrown half of my closet on me in a mad rush, I always pay attention to cut, color and texture.

Once I’ve mapped out the kind of silhouette I want to achieve I start trying things on and make sure it all looks balanced. For example, if I go for an oversized coat I’ll keep the inner layers closer to the body. Colorwise I try not to mix too many colors, I find that the more you stick to a group of similar shades, the more sophisticated the outfit looks. You probably know by now that I’m a sucker for luxurious textures. Anything from cashmere, wool, faux fur and leather to silk or organza look divine together. Winter is the perfect excuse to play with contrasting fabrics so be as bold as you want. Happy layering!


Wearing Citizen Cashmere blue cashmere dress on top of a Whistles dress, COS coat, Anna Field white trainers and my new Rexy clutch from Coach.