How to make the most out of your holiday

Have you ever got back from a holiday feeling more drained and tired than before the actual holiday? Yeah, me too. And it’s funny if you think how hard we work to be able to go somewhere nice and relax only to get back home desperately wanting to sleep for an entire week. I mean, why do we do that to ourselves?

These days, getting some time away from the everyday struggles has become such a luxury that whenever we do get to press the pause button we should enjoy it full heartedly. Here are my top tips for doing just that:

1. Organize, organize, organize: the more you get done before the holiday, the less likely to get stressed while you’re there. Sort out your accommodation and transport, print out whatever needs printing, take care of your luggage a few days before departure, water the plants, set a canned response, pre-order the taxi.

2. Don’t sweat the small stuff:  there will be things – small things, mainly designed to screw with your mood – that will throw you into a state of panic sprinkled with fury and disappointment. And why is that? Because the wifi doesn’t work? Because it’s raining and you only have sandals with you? Because the food was awful and painfully overpriced? Breathe and reboot. You’re on holiday.

3. Disconnect: oh, dear. This is a hard one. The goal here is to manage to live without checking your phone for a few days. To stay away from emails and social media everything – to be able to hear your own thoughts. To enjoy the silence. To detox. To realize you forgot your password after only 3 days of not using your phone.


Wearing Girls on Film kimono, Little Mistress bikini, Mango sunnies and 3 euro flip flops bought from Barcelona. 


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