How to choose a signature item to complement your style

When it comes to style we all want to look flawless. Like we made an effort, but still a little bit don’t-care-ish. And because what we wear it’s such a strong form of communication, choosing a signature item to be the start of our everyday style journey not only helps in creating a personal brand but can also empower ourselves in braving the world.

I’ve always admired women brave enough to adopt and maintain a certain image about themselves. They have this vibe about them like they know something the rest of the world is oblivious to. I have a friend known as ‘the girl always wearing a hat’ because she’s (almost) always wearing a hat. She has one for every occasion and has become the hat expert in our group. And we all love and equally envy her for that.

If all this seems a little fuzzy and you’re wondering where to start in finding that one item to suit yourself here’s 3 options to take into consideration:

RED LIPS – Well, this is a classic and dare I say, quite easy to embrace. Once you found the right shade, at least. A great way to make a bold statement, red lips can look amazing no matter your style, be it formal, business casual or downtown cool. I know a lot of you might be worried about applying a red lipstick, so here’s an ultimate guide to do just that.

JEWELRYIf accessories is your favorite playground then go for beautifully made jewelry. One brand very close to my heart because of its unique style and handcrafting expertise is UNO de 50 jewels. They have an amazing collection of iconic pieces that make great candidates for that special item. Their silver necklaces for women not only look very dainty but also have creative names which can help you set the mood of what you’re searching for. My favorites are ‘Balancing’ and ‘Shall we dance?’.

HAIRCUT/HAIRSTYLE – A major hair change can do wonders to our ego and the economy. Going from long hair to a french bob can be frightening but can also be the first step into rebranding yourself and finding that look that compliments your personality. The same with changing your hair color or deciding to go curly after a life dominated by the hair strengthener.

Whatever your signature item remember that repetition is reputation. Pick one and make it your own, part of who you are.