Greetings From Chinatown, London

Last weekend I went to Chinatown for the first time since I moved to London. Took me about two and a half years to do this because I don’t like chinese food and I somehow felt I have no business going there.

But, as I pleasantly discovered, there’s more to Chinatown than food. The entire place has a vibe I haven’t felt anywhere else in London. The mix of strong colors everywhere, the people – some rude, some almost annoyingly polite, the constant chatter, the buildings and everything in between make this place mesmerizing for an outsider. I could just sit there and watch.

Oh, and I did let myself convinced to try some pastry thing under the watchful eyes of my friends but, no, not my cup of tea.


Wearing: H&M skirt and t-shirt, Laundry Boutique jacket, Online Avenue boots and Land’s End bag (find it here). 


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