Dressing up on a Monday morning (minus the panic attack)

Mondays are tough. The universe has established that long before we were born. They can get even tougher if you find yourself in front of your closet, curling wand in hand, one eye on the watch and discover yet again you don’t have a faint idea how to get dressed.

Most of this panic we are bound to feel every Monday morning has a lot to do with NOT being organized. And I’m not talking about your closet, mine is a mess half the time, I’m talking about taking the time to get inspired. Now, I’ve never been one to plan my outfits to the last detail (I don’t even do that for Fashion Week), but I strongly believe you can ban all I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear-moments with the right kind of inspiration.

Movies, books and magazines are a great way to start. Just start flipping through those pages and let your mind get flooded with ideas. Another thing I like to do on a Sunday evening or before a big event is to play on an interactive platform like Stylewhile where you can try on clothes and create outfits on a model matching your body type. And what’s impressive is that you can actually layer pieces and get an idea of how different lengths or fabrics might look together.

Besides being a great source of inspiration, they have an amazing collection of trusted designers and brands with a passion for modern cuts, high quality fabrics and sustainable production. This is how I discovered Krista Elsta who’s brilliant when it comes to luxurious knitwear, handy now that winter has finally conquered the UK.

Saying you simply didn’t have the time to do all this and you can feel the anxiety growing by the second, simply choose an outfit you wore before and add a new twist. Belts are a fantastic way to transform an outfit. Not only you’ll get an hourglass figure but you’ll look pulled together, like you made an effort. That and a cappuccino in hand are life savers when it comes to Monday mornings.


Wearing Krista Elsta knitted coat, vintage belt and faux fur collar, Witchery blouse and Manolo Blahnik pumps. 


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