Dancing in the rain

Too soon. Too early. Too Monday. First thing I saw this morning blinking on my phone’s screen and luring me into stealing five more minutes in bed. Apparently today is not your typical Monday but the most depressing day of the year. It’s got its own hashtag and all – #BlueMonday.

We mourn collectively. That’s how this international day of sadness seems to be celebrated. We finally realize that the holidays are truly over but still have to put up with at least two months of winter. And like that’s not enough – by now most of us have already broken their full-of-hope New Year’s resolutions. And it rains.

It’s not all grey and gloomy, though. Bottom line, it’s just another day of hustling for our dreams. We are tough cookies. So grab life by the umbrella and do a little dance. Maybe indulge in a new pair of shoes. And a piece of nice jewellry. But nothing more. You got this.


Wearing COS white top, ACNE Studios cardigan, silver leaves pendant from larimar.com, H&M hat, Moschino umbrella, Topshop jeans and Rocket Dog oxford shoes (now on sale).


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