Can’t-live-without summer essentials

If you’re anything like me, you already have the next couple of months mapped out. After a long and miserable winter with several umbrellas gone to waste and countless suede shoes ruined, I’m now more eager than ever to soak in the best that summer has to offer.

Holiday planning has become nothing short of a national sport and beloved conversion opener, threatening to beat our all time favorite subject: the weather. But unless you’re one of those lucky few getting to spend their entire summer on an outrageously beautiful island surrounded by crystal clear waters and the works (who does that anyways?!) you’ll have to do as the rest of us mortals and adapt to the city heat while nurturing that holiday vibe.

Every city has something to offer. Be it pinterest worthy rooftop bars, late afternoon garden parties or a humble yet stylish picnic in a quiet park, the possibilities are endless so we just need to dress up and get out. And speaking of dressing up, I want to share with you my can’t-live-without summer essentials.

I’ve always had a weak spot for maxi dresses, weak spot that turns into full on obsession during the warm season. There is something about these floor sweeping, mystery keeping garments that I find utterly appealing. I always go for loose cuts and flowy fabrics in order to let the skin breathe and have plenty of room for movement.

When it comes to accessories, sunglasses are a no brainer. Besides offering protection against harmful UV rays they are also a chic way to finish an outfit, no matter our summertime pursuits. This is one area worth investing in, although that doesn’t mean breaking the bank. I got mine at a fraction of the price and delivered just in time for the holiday.

As much as I like a high heel, nothing beats a pair of flat sandals in the summer heat. Blisters don’t go well with city exploring so comfort is key. You can go as simple or precious as you’d like, personally I love the ones that have an utilitarian feel about them like the ones I’m wearing today.

I find being out in the sun uplifting but I’m also aware of how bad it can be for my skin and hair so besides a buckload of SPF everything straw hats are a fantastic way of adding that extra bit of protection. Not to mention everything tends to look better with a hat on.


Wearing vintage dress, Christopher Kane sandals, Polaroid sunglasses from and Kristin Perry beaded bracelets


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