Buying less, wearing more

I was reading the other day about how we as consumers have been changing our shopping habits in the last years. It started shy, as all big changes tend to start, but as time goes by there are more and more people turning their back to cheap fast fashion and embracing the concept of buying less and wearing more.

The whole idea of investing in one’s wardrobe is definitely not a new one but there is some newness to the game; we are becoming more and more aware that cheap equals very expensive in the long run. There is also the concept of sustainable fashion which is paving the way to a more responsible fashion industry where hopefully sustainable will be the norm rather than a niche.

Nowadays, emphasizing or not with a brand’s values plays a big part in the buying process as well. Not to mention it’s now easier than it has ever been to find out how our clothes are actually made and decide if that’s something we want to get behind of or not.

Above it all there’s one thing we don’t talk enough about. Money. Our money. The money we spend on fashion. Having the money means having the power of decision and I truly believe that in matters like this every little change in the right direction will eventually pay off. For us personally, as it comes with a side of feel-good vibes, and for the whole planet which we all lovingly call ‘home’.

This whole subject is rather vast and complicated at times but in the spirit of buying less and wearing more I wanted to share with you a few of my shopping habits. This is not by all means a best practices kind of list, I’m the first to say there’s a lot more that can be done. These are things that I genuinely do with the resources I posses at the moment.

The first thing worth mentioning is that I don’t buy according to trends unless the trends already fall into my aesthetic palette. I also buy smart(er), focussing the biggest part of my shopping budget on forever pieces – the kind of investment items that are classic enough to wear for many, many years to come. Needless to say that these items tend to fall into the more expensive side of things although on the long run the cost-per-wear can reach surprisingly small values. My Rogue bag from Coach is a forever piece for me. Besides the high quality fabrics and craftsmanship which are to be expected from the brand, I find its size and shape perfect for day-to-day looks. I wasn’t completely convinced about the color scheme at first but after a month of wearing it almost everyday I realized just how well it sits with the rest of my wardrobe.

Another thing I’ve always been very enthusiastic about is buying preloved. I first got acquainted with the idea when I was in elementary school and my grandma took me shopping in second hand stores in my home town. Fast forward almost two decades I am now an expert at digging out little treasures from the most peculiar of shops. I personally split the preloved market into three categories: there’s the charity/second hand shops, the authentic vintage boutiques and the online luxury marketplaces that sell designer items – all of which have their own charm and dose of sustainability.

Speaking of sustainability, there are now a handful of high street brands that although not sustainable at their core, they have conscious capsule collections at decent price points. I’m always checking these out as they usually offer a great mix of basics and statement pieces.

Last but not least, I’ve learnt a long time ago that buying high quality items is just half of the trick. Taking really good care of them is equally as important, especially when it comes to wardrobe staples. Besides paying attention to the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to cleaning, I keep most of my shoes in boxes and bags in dustbags in between wears. Stuffing them with simple white paper is a great way to maintain their shape. Don’t overdo it, though. There IS such thing as too much and getting overly precious about things will suck the fun out of dressing up.


Wearing Mango organic cotton blouse (from their ‘Committed’ capsule collection), H&M skirt (bought from a traid shop), Coach Rogue bag, Steve Madden sliders and vintage sunnies.


Coach Rogue bag spring lookWhite Coach NY Rogue bagstreet style London Coach bagMango committed topCoach spring 2017 Rogue bag