A maxi white dress and a pink lake

In case you haven’t figured out yet I had quite a fantastic holiday this year. Not only because I got to travel to 3 different countries, get together with my friends and make new ones, but also because it was about 3 weeks long (I know, right?). In retrospect, it was probably the best present I could’ve given myself this year (birthday girl soon).

I did the laying on a beach all day. I did the disconnecting thing which came with a side of anxiety in the first few hours, managed to pull myself together by the end of the day though. I also did the ordering one too many cocktails. I mean, who doesn’t?! But if I look back, the things I vividly remember are the road trips I did while in Spain and the utterly beautiful places I got to see.

One of them was this pink salt lake at which I could’ve stared for hours on end. It changes color depending on how the light hits the water so on our way back to Alicante it was of a richer, violet-ish shade that looked so surreal it took me a couple of seconds to decide that no, my eyes are not playing tricks on me.

And truth be told, nothing but this pink lake would’ve worked as back story for my stunning white dress which makes me feel like dancing every time I wear it.


Wearing maxi white dress and swimsuit from Figleaves.